What To Know About Calcium Stearate

What To Know About Calcium Stearate

Calcium stearate is a white waxy powder, a carboxylate salt of calcium. It is a common component of many surfactants and lubricants. It is also used in food products. You may not be familiar with this ingredient, but it can have an impact on your health.

Anti-caking additive:

Calcium stearate is a calcium salt of stearic acid that is derived from vegetable oils and animal fats. It is used in food products as an anti-caking agent and as a release agent. It is also used as an emulsifier and thickener.

Calcium stearate is used in the food, pharmaceutical, and construction industries. It has a non-sticky property, which makes it useful as an anti-caking agent. It also has water-repellent properties, which help prevent products from absorbing moisture.


Calcium stearate is an important additive in the plastics industry. It is a chemical compound that improves water-repellent properties and prevents efflorescence. It is also widely used in the paper industry, where it gives a semi-matte appearance and extends the shelf-life of paper. It is a highly effective additive, but it requires special fine grinding to achieve a uniform, homogeneous spread.


Calcium stearate is a coating applied to calcium carbonate. The coating is beneficial because it prevents the hydroxyl units on the surface of the filler from reacting with the polymer. The coating also minimizes the effects of mixing and extrusion. Therefore, it is preferred over mica and ground quartz.

Calcium stearate filler is a flame-retardant filler. It is composed of 200 parts calcium carbonate and 1-2 parts shell powder. The filler is also flame-resistant and contains an anti-aging agent, NBC.

Anti-foaming agent:

Calcium stearate is an anti-fungal and anti-foaming agent used for several applications. It is used in the construction and personal care industries. It can also improve the durability of building materials. For example, it can improve the performance of waterproofing and paints and improve the overall look of building materials. In addition, it is used to add a glossy finish to the paper.

Mold release agent:

Calcium stearate is used for several different applications. It is used as a dispersing aid during the blending process, as a lubricant during extrusion, and as a mold release agent. It also provides excellent mold release properties for thermoplastics and thermosets. It is also used in rubber as a partitioning agent and as an internal lubricant. It is safe to use in the production of rubber products and should be stored in a well-ventilated place.

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