What Is The Most Common Lab Equipment?

What Is The Most Common Lab Equipment?

Before starting a new project in a science lab, you should become familiar with the different types of equipment used in a laboratory. This article will discuss the different types of lab equipment you can buy from laboratory equipment suppliers in UAE, such as beakers, test tubes, magnetic stirrers, and compound microscopes. It will also explain why these pieces of equipment are necessary for a lab. By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll know what to expect from each type of equipment.

Compound microscopes:

A compound microscope consists of several different components. First, it has an eyepiece or ocular. The eyepiece magnifies the specimen to a higher magnification. The second component is the condenser, which is a group of lenses that allows light rays from the illuminator to condense into a strong beam. This beam of light then converges onto a microscopic slide. The higher the magnification of the condenser, the clearer the image will be. Finally, the condenser is controlled by a focus knob that moves up and down to control the focus and direction of the light on the specimen.


Beakers are commonly used lab equipment. They are cylindrical containers with a flat bottom and a small spout at the top. They come in a variety of sizes and are usually made of borosilicate glass or plastic. Glass beakers are usually more durable and withstand heat, chemicals, and even abrasive materials. Beakers can be used for holding, mixing, and heating various chemicals.

Test tubes:

There are many different kinds of test tubes. Graduated test tubes are used to measure small amounts of liquid in action. Conical-bottomed tubes are best for mounting on centrifuges. You may also see the odd-looking “Folin-Wu” blood sugar tube. Regardless of the type of test tube you need, you’re likely to find it in the lab. Test tubes can be purchased at any laboratory supply store or online.

Magnetic stirrer:

A magnetic stirrer is a commonly used piece of lab equipment. It works by using a magnet with a rotating magnetic field to stir a liquid. The stirring speed is adjustable, which allows researchers to stir different viscosities of solvents. Some magnetic stirrers also have a temperature control system, which can keep the liquid at the right temperature for an experiment. This ensures that the liquid will be a good match for the experiment.

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