Four Simple Tricks For Making A Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Four Simple Tricks For Making A Small Kitchen Look Bigger

You can easily make your kitchen appear more spacious if you follow some simple tricks. Avoid using wall units if you have a small kitchen in Dubai. They take up space, so they will only make your kitchen look cramped. If you do not have enough space for wall units, you can also get rid of them. You can live without them if you have a small kitchen. You can also make it look spacious by using the right color scheme and furniture.


One of the easiest ways to make a small kitchen seem bigger is by de-cluttering it. Putting unnecessary items in your kitchen will only make it look smaller. Rather than adding extra furniture and cupboards, try using a bar stool in place of an island. Bar stools also take up less space than an oversized kitchen island. Stacking saucepans in your kitchen units will also help. You can also try using reflective light or installing mirrored cabinet doors and table tops.

Color schemes:

The color scheme you select should enhance the overall space. Warm and cold colors are great options for a kitchen. You can also try metallic, including brushed gold, bronze, or black. Adding splashes of color will add depth to any space. These color schemes are perfect for kitchens because they will stimulate the senses and evoke emotion. To help you select the right color scheme for your kitchen, follow the below tips:


Adding storage is a great way to make your kitchen appear spacious. Instead of adding wall units, use shelves instead. If you have limited space, consider purchasing a few floating shelves and using them to store the remaining items. You can also consider getting a joiner to create a custom cabinet to fit the size of your kitchen.


Creating a more open floor plan for your kitchen can make it appear larger than it is. Tall ceilings allow natural light to enter, which can amplify the space. Installing low-hanging ceiling lights can hide the tall ceilings. Make sure to avoid using a lot of wall-mounted lighting. Use a combination of overhead and task lighting to create a cozy feel for your kitchen. These are just a few of the tips you can use to make your kitchen appear more spacious.

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