All You Need To Know About Wills In The UAE

All You Need To Know About Wills In The UAE

If you’re thinking about making a will in UAE, there are several things to consider. You must be aware of Sharia law, which governs the distribution of your assets. In addition to the legalities involved, you should know what types of wills are available in the UAE. Having a will can help ensure that your wishes are carried out without complications. A lawyer can also help you with your will if you are unsure whether it’s legally binding.

Types of Wills in UAE:

There are several types of wills in UAE. One of these is the Guardianship Will, which provides instructions regarding the guardianship of minor children of the signatory. Another type is the Property Will, which provides instructions on the disposition of up to five real estate properties. The drafting of a will requires careful attention to detail and avoiding ambiguities. The beneficiaries should be precise when choosing guardians and executors. Once a will is drawn up, it must be registered.

The UAE’s Personal Status Law provides for non-Muslims to create wills and register them. There is also a register for non-Muslim wills maintained by the courts. However, non-Muslims should be aware of the legal implications of preparing and executing a will. If you have a non-Muslim spouse or non-Muslim children, make sure to register your will in the UAE.

Importance of making a will in UAE:

Making a will in UAE is essential for expatriates as they have to file their Wills to protect their family and property in the event of their death. UAE does not have a nomination form system, and wills are the only way to advise the courts. Making a will in UAE ensures that your wishes will be followed when you die. If you do not make a will in UAE, you may find yourself in uncharted waters.

Sharia law governs the distribution of assets:

In UAE, if a person has not drawn up a will, his or her assets will be distributed according to Sharia law. This law is strict and applies to any assets inherited in UAE, including real estate. However, a Will can specify the beneficiaries of the assets. This can be helpful when a person has children and wants to leave them a portion of their inheritance.

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