A Guide To The Portugal Residence By Investment Program

A Guide To The Portugal Residence By Investment Program

Getting a Portugal residency offers great benefits to foreigners. Portugal is one of the safest and most beautiful countries in Europe. If you are looking for this program, in this article we will provide you with an overview of the steps to take to get a Portugal residency by investment visa. We will discuss what documents are required, how to invest in real estate in Portugal, and Portugal’s tax rates for high-value activities. You will also learn about the benefits and risks of this program.

Steps to a Portugal residency by investment program

The Portuguese government offers three types of real estate investment programs to individuals who wish to obtain EU citizenship. The first category involves investing in one or more properties in Portugal. The minimum investment amount is EUR500, 000. Investors can spread this investment amount over several properties and are usually focused on the coastal regions.

Documents required

The Portuguese residency by investment program has several requirements that foreigners must meet. The first requirement is that they must be able to prove their ability to pay the required fees. In addition, the investors must meet the minimum age requirement of 18. It is also necessary that the investors have a valid passport and an international insurance policy. The documents must be translated and certified by a notary or Portuguese consulate. Foreigners need to prepare their documents as soon as possible. They must also preregister with the SEF website to receive the application form.

Qualifying areas for real estate investment in Portugal

When considering the best location for a real estate investment, Portugal has several options. The two most popular cities are Lisbon and Porto. However, if you’re looking for a more rural location, there are still many opportunities to invest in residential real estate in Portugal.

Tax rates on high value-added activities

If you are planning on living in Portugal, you can benefit from Portugal’s generous tax relief. Depending on the nature of your profession, you can enjoy reduced taxes for some of your expenses. For instance, tax rates on certain professions are reduced by more than half, which is especially attractive for professionals who have little opportunity to earn profits.

Moreover, Portugal offers a low tax rate for non-habitual residents. In general, the tax rate is 20% for incomes earned from business and employment activities. However, certain activities are excluded from this tax. Among them are those that are considered high-value-added, such as scientific, artistic, technical, and entrepreneurial activities.

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