Facilities Offered by Shams Free Zone to Businesses

Facilities Offered by Shams Free Zone to Businesses

Investors will often consider the Shams free zone when forming a Sharjah company. This zone offers various business activities, including e-commerce, manufacturing, advertising, arts & entertainment, general trading, financial services, real estate, telecommunication, and more. When establishing a business in Shams, consider seeking out guidance from a business setup consultant and getting the right SHAMS free zone license. These professionals can guide everything from the initial paperwork to training opportunities.

Shared workplace facilities:

The SHAMS free zone offers several workspace facilities, including dedicated office space, shared desks, and meeting rooms. Shared desks are ideal for networking and flexible workspaces, while dedicated offices are private office spaces with lockable doors. The SHAMS free zone offers a variety of business licenses and activities, including the option to combine more than one activity into one license. Businesses can choose to use a combination of the different workspace options, ensuring that their business can expand its presence.

Flexible office space options:

The Free Zone offers a range of flexible office space options for businesses. You can choose from shared desks, dedicated offices, and private offices. The options are affordable and flexible, and you can always expand if you need to. Here are a few of the available options:

Companies can also opt for a limited liability company. Such a company will only have to pay taxes if they invest in the company. Similarly, media companies outside the UAE can also open a branch office in the Shams Free Zone. This is one of the easiest ways to expand your business, and it’s also a media-friendly jurisdiction. However, you have to be careful when choosing an office space, as some offices have a higher price tag than others.

Training opportunities:

The Sharjah Media Free Zone offers its resident’s media industry training and education. Shams is a thriving community with a focus on talent. The free zone welcomes mainland and free zone companies and offers a business-friendly climate and stress-free licensing process. Shams aims to empower the individual, foster creativity and excellence, and promote mind-blowing innovations. It will serve as a turning point for the free zone concept and model for integrated smart free cities.

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