5 steps to learn how to start blog

If you want your blog to be up and live, in just a matter of few minutes or so, then follow the five steps mentioned below.

  1. Choose a great platform to blog
  2. Find the best of the hosting services for your blog
  3. Setting up the blog in your particular domain of interests
  4. Designing the fresh blog
  5. Some of the accessories for bloggers

The first step is to choose the best of the platforms for blogging. With more than 82 million blog users around the world today for the WordPress, the number of plug-in options is quite unlimited. You can choose from so many add-ons to use for your blog. Free themes are too many.

The layouts are of different type. In case, if you are struck with your admin issues at times, when your blog grows bigger, then there are thousands of people to support you right away. Massive support forums are available online today for Word press. It is insanely fast. Interaction is efficient with the followers while choosing this platform.

However, the choices are totally left to you to choose the ideal platforms that you think could be far more efficient than the ones suggested here. There are so many options for you to choose the best fitting ones, to fulfill your objective.

Hosting services

How to start blog without a reliable hosting service? There are free alternatives and self-hosting options for you to begin blogging immediately. If you are super serious about your blogging then decline the options like tumblr or blogger but choosing the paying options of the up to date kind. That can help you improvise the operational standards on par with excellence.

When you are choosing the free blogging services, the domain names are not yours completely. The tail end will be the hosting service name like blogspot.com.

Own domains

It is nothing but the URL that you choose for your blog or website. Just like how you are having your files on the hard drive of your computer, to put your site or blog on the internet, you will need a hosting service. There are cheap hosting services today for even less than $4 per month. There are costlier options too. The services are proportionate to the amount of money that you ought to spend for the hire. So, if you see the blog to be growing bigger, then change the hosting service according to the size of the blog. That helps the readers to load the site at a faster pace. Navigational ease is also important for a blog, to impress the viewership.

Design elements

Professional looking blogs that are easy to customize are the top options. Make it silly simple. People like it when it is easy to use. You will have less work to update in that way and pose better control as well.

Resources for the beginners

Social media experience and varying degrees of online experiences may force you to start a blog of your own. There are separate manuals for choosing the blogging niche and the basic blogging mistakes that you can get fixed in the early stages of your blogging career itself. Follow the article. It helps

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